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Team Zeus.

Team Zeus was established in 2015 and is based in Prague, Czech Republic. As a company, they stand on the shoulders of giants, serving as the bespoke software development arm of Direct Online Services and owned by the £1B+ holdings company, Broadview Holdings B.V.




Team Zeus consists of a small growing team of 10+ software developers and IT administrators who focus on efficient delivery of software solutions. They work closely with Direct Online Services to integrate software and infrastructure development to help them achieve our expansion and management goals. Since its inception, Team Zeus has been responsible for the development and launch of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) at Direct Online Services, as well as the launch of an in-house eCommerce platform which has enabled us to perform more efficiently. 


"I have been working as a part of Team Zeus for several years and I must say that whilst there have been a lot of challenges, it’s still been fun. The number of successfully launched projects (and there were many) has always been one of the most satisfying feelings." - Vojtech Remes,  Development Team Lead

What they do 

Team Zeus rank long term growth over short term value and have the ambition to deliver their solutions to companies worldwide, not just within the Broadview group and Direct Online Services. Team Zeus focus on completing projects to the highest standard, valuing proper engineering over estimations and have a strong preference for open source rather than proprietary software.


Stable, secure and advantageous are the principles that their software is based on and they aim to provide solutions that give companies greater control over their customer journey while also improving the efficiency of their business. 


Included amongst Team Zeus’s impressive portfolio is the creation of IRIS and Athena, two systems for Direct Online Services geared towards increasing the capability and efficiency of the company’s back-office and operations management. IRIS is an eCommerce engine designed to provide control over customer-facing procedures and has the capacity to manage multiple brands and regions. Athena focuses on the efficiency of the business, improving order management, workflow and automation of the warehouses and other processes.


"I enjoy being a part of Team Zeus because it's giving me a great opportunity to improve my development skills as I'm always learning something new. I'm especially glad that my team-mates are willing to help me whenever I need to and I really appreciate the possibility of working from a different city." - Hana Zajicova, Software Developer


  • Strong preference for open-source software

  • Linux, Git, Python and Django framework 

  • MariaDB/MySQL and Elasticsearch data storage

  • RabbitMQ is our message broker of choice

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, across several providers

  • Ansible automated infrastructure

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