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Expert retailers of surface products.

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About us

We are a pioneering group of eCommerce-led omnichannel retailers of surface products serving the UK and German markets. As a business we take a long-term approach, looking to invest in the future and continually improve our product range, services, teams, facilities and technology.


Launched in 2009, Worktop Express® is an e-commerce brand that provides high-quality worktops, at affordable prices. Every step of the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution chain is handled in-house, ensuring an outstanding experience for the end consumer from start to finish.



Our brands

About us.

We are an eCommerce-led omnichannel business serving the UK and German markets. Since our inception in 2008, we've had unprecedented levels of growth primarily through our flagship brand Worktop Express, the UK's #1 Online Worktop Retailer.

We recently joined the €1bn+ global materials division of Broadview Holding and are now looking to invest in the future with significant expansion plans. Central to this is providing the best experience for our colleagues through our progressive culture and investment in our people.

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